You liked her for a long time, and know her very well, finally going on a date together

Do we keep it casual or make it something special? We have been friends for well over a year and know each other very well. There has been chemistry for about a year also but because we work together it wasn't something either of us jumped into. I think we've both been burned in the past and wanted to be cautious with this one. We've gotten very close and people have noticed us as being a potential couple during this time which we both just ignore when its said to us. We're both quite reserved and private but we open up to each other a lot and confide in each other a lot.

So now we're ready to go out and I'm always up for something fast an casual - drinks is ideal for me, we can have fun and relax and get very close in a relaxed environment. But he is dead set against drinks. He keeps asking me Qs about my social life and what interests me and things I like etc.

i just think we should casually jump into something and break the physical barrier and have fun together.

Why would a guy not be into that? Any other guy I've dated would jump at that cos its easy and sure set way to something physical.

Im slightly insulted and worried that he would go out for drinks with any other girl yet not want to take me. I just think we should go out already but its like he's holding off and it has me worried cos I know an interested guy wouldn't do that


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  • I would make it really special.

    For your guy, it seems that he's really serious about you.


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