Should I wait till he text me or he's not into me at all? I am confused.

We started texting with this guy -I assumed he liked me- on Facebook about one and a half month ago. He told me pretty personal things and we got to know each other a bit. After texting for more than 3 weeks he asked me to hang out with him. He has a really quiet workplace so we hang out there twice. He was really nice and I could see he was nervous and his hands were shaking. He tried to make me laugh and stuff. It was great for the first time but last Thursday he was so busy, but he was really glad I went to see him.

We never really say goodbye on Facebook, we just write each other long messages every time we are on Facebook, or if we are both there we chat. I was curious if he’d write me if I didn’t so I reacted to his last message in person and didn’t write back on Facebook. But he didn’t text me since then. It was on Thrusday, now it is Sunday afternoon. Guess he’s not that into me….but about an hour ago he was online and liked a photo of a friend of mine(whom he doesn’t know) that I posted last night but he did not text me. Why? Will he text me? Should I try to forget about him since I think if he wanted sometging he would have texted me?


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  • He will text you again.

    Perhaps, he doesn't know what to text you now.

    Text or call him now.

    • Thanks for the answer. But what if he doesn't text me because he is not into me?

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