When dating, who should bring up the topic of 'feelings'

Ive been seeing this guy for almost two months now, and everything feels so right. I like him so much, that I am starting to get a bit scared of things not working out. I want to tell him how I feel but at the same time I don't want to scare him or feel pressured into starting a relationship. I just want him to know how I feel and that's it.

Should I wait for him to bring up the feelings topic first? or should I just say it first when the times right?

Im sure he knows how I feel from the way I show affection when I am with him. But we Haven't discussed it face to face...only briefly in texts ..


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  • You shouldn't wait for who will make the first move.

    If you want to bring it up, then bring it up.


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  • Obviously, you know there's "feelings" there if you been seeing him for 2 months. I say tell him, but do it slowly. Like don't overwhelm him and be like omg I love you, I think we are perfect together, and so forth. Just be like, you know I like spending time with you, right? And I was wondering, do you feel the same way? You don't have to do it like that but don't make it too serious. If you want the relationship to progress further, you have to let him know. Good luck!

    • thank you! yeah that's a good idea, I just need to find the confidence to say it face to face...i get a bit shy and awkward saying that stuff lol

    • Lol, its cool. I get a bit awkward and shy saying those things too so I know how you feel. It's just so hard.