Friend Who Is A Girl Gets Super Jealous When Discussing My Dates/Call Her Out?

Title says it all. A girl who is a friend always gets super jealous when discussing my dates with her.

Known this girl for approximately 2.5 years. We are very close. Had been chasing her for about 10 months on/off (not ignoring other girls) and she has met each advance with a resounding 'no'.

She has told me she likes me, told me (and others) that she thinks I am cute, ect. Her rejections were all serious cliches and she went out of her way to say that what she was saying was the exception to the cliche rules. (Example - I am not ready to date - biggest bullsh*t line in the book.)

She is currently playing the field and dating guys beneath both her and myself but playing the field is what she feels like she needs to do at this point in her life. As a friend I fully respect her decision to do this is she thinks it is the right thing for her to do.

Anyways, she has no problem discussing her dates with me and frankly I don't mind hearing about them as they are with losers - which the fact that she hangs out with these people is off-putting on a personal/friendship/intellectual level but that is another "question" for another day.

Long story short, whenever I talk about my dates she ALWAYS makes a comment about being "jealous" she isn't going or "wish I could go", ect. which is really annoying.

So I guess the question is, should I call her out on this annoying behavior? She has nothing to be jealous about. I gave her multiple chances and she turned them all down to play the field.

I am thinking that next time she brings this up I am going to tell her she has nothing to be jealous about because she had her chance. I know this is going to damage our friendship but its really annoying and needs to stop.

And advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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  • I am sorry but she sounds extremely selfish. Selfishness really turns me off and I would find it really hard to be attracted to a selfish person. She is living her life and having her fun but enjoys your attention. The only reason she gets jealous is because when you date a girl the attention is being taken away from her and she is sulking like a kid. You feed her ego that's all. I would find someone else.

    • I am in no way shape or form pursuing her now or in the future.

      Question more relates to how to deal with her as a friend which I guess you are saying I should just cut my losses.

  • She's being selfish and ridiculous, I think you're perfectly on target. Say it but be prepared for the immaturity that led her to act that way to cause her to lash out. Not your problem, you deserve better.


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