The on/off relationship + he says he really cares,is it going anywhere?

I'll try again.I'll begin saying that this has been going on for almost 7 months now.And I've been trying to figure it out on my own, but it's really hard.

So,I met this guy at a party.And we made out,but things were light.I didn't want anything from him.After that,for a week,he was the one who was texting me,and we went to another party togheter.Things we're going good,but after that he stopped texting,so I texted him.He was going through a complicated time,so I texted one more time,and I saw it was going nowhere,so I gave up.I was pretty upset.

Then one week later,he asked me out.After that,things we re more than great.It was holiday,we talked almost everyday,he called me,we were going out,we spent the Christmas togheter,and then we spent new year's.We had some issues then,but we figured them out.The day after,I was feeling down,I didn't know where I stand with him,and I didn't want to be like that anymore.

So I kinda gave him an ultimatum,like,i think it's time to figure out where we are,cause I don't like this situation.I knew he had some really big personal problems,and that was an argument for him in saying that he doesn't want a relationship right now,he wants fun and " know...we could;ve keep this like this some more..."So I ended it.After that,I heard about him that he had a family tragedy,so I sent him a text,saying I'm sorry,and he answered really nice.

After that,one day we bumbed into each other when we were out,and he came right to me,and we stayed all night together.He said he needed me,and he's really happy to be with me&co.2 days later he texts me that thing are too complicated,he can't explain,and he;s sorry.And I couldn't help myself but try to talk to him,but it was pointless.I knew this was something,and I couldn't let go.Again,one day, we were at a party,and in the morning,the inevitable happened.He said he really cares about me.And we stayed togheter all morning(late morning actually).

And after that,when we said goodbye,he kissed me.Then,boom,again, nothing.Not even a text,nothing.We see each other almost everyday,but it's just "hi".I know he meant it,but I can't do it anymore.I don't want to pressure this anymore,but I can't forget him,cause I really care about him too.I know he has a lot going on,but I don't know.I can't say he';s staying with me for SOMETHING(cause we didn't go there,it wasn;t about that).I really don't know which way to go.

This story is so much longer, but long story short, this is it.


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  • He's not putting much effort in your relationship.

    You should just move on and find another guy for yourself.

    • Well, it's like, I already know the answer, like, I should move on, cause I see the situation, and I know I'm the one who cares more about making this work but,it's that feeling you get, all the good and bad memories, and the good ones almost make up for the bad ones,and seeing that if it wasn't a complicated thing, like he;d really know what he wants & to commit, and if he hadn't had that family thing going on, it would all be so great . That's the hard part/

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  • He doesn't know what he wants.

    Even if he does, you're just there for his convenience.

    Move on. This sounds like a emotional roller-coaster for you and a deep drop of confusion. Not worth it.

    • Yes,it's exactely what this is ,an emotional roller-coaster and it's exhausting.

      I should really clear my mind , and try to move on,and if he really wants , he knows where to find me if it's not too late for him.

      thanks :)

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