He randomly stops responding mid conversation, what gives? Is this at all weird?

There's this guy who texts me quite frequently, almost on a daily basis. We'll be having a great and funny convo, but sometimes he'll just stop responding. I know people get busy and it doesn't anger me normally, but he does it every time. Then, the very next day he'll text me a "Hey" What gives?


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  • ...he gets busy...he doesn't HAVE to respond to texts right away.

    • She said she knows that, what she is asking is why he does it EVERY time.

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    • he might be busy EVERY TIME...geez. we're not him, we can't know why he's doing that. If it bothers you so much, ask him! But really, something so stupid shouldn't bother you...it's not like he has this "secret agenda" to drive you crazy by NOT responding to your texts or saying bye...

    • I know he isn't though... He texts me when he's working, and sometimes I've seen him with his phone when he wasn't texting me back.

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