Im so confused! he says he doesn't want to date so why is he sending me signals

Well I asked this guy out after finally getting up the nerve to ask him I asked him out at a party with some of our friends but he said he didn't want to date I was so embarrassed. I then said goodbye to my other freinds and left I thought things would be really awkward at school but it wasn't at all infact he acted more interested than ever hanging around Me, and I keep catching him looking at me smiling at me "accidentally" bumping into me in the hallway. What's going on why is he doing this if he doesn't want to date?!


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  • He probably wants to keep you interested. It's an ego stroke to have a girl after you - even if you don't want her. Don't play his game.


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  • could he just be shy? or starting to notice you more, thinking of the possibilities... anyways don't give him too much attention, if he will change his mind he will ask you out or will be trying to start conversations with you...

    • He is doing that! I honestly wish he would just leace me alone if he doesn't want to date

    • its probably more like, he didn't expect you to ask him out(or any girl in general) so he rejected you because he didn't know what would he do on that date, the whole thing would have been weird and he needed the time to think... you should have had more small conversations...

  • You're just reading into things that's why you're confused.


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