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Long story short, I was gone from my job for 5 months due to the military and of course when I came back a few weeks ago there are a lot of new people who I work with now. Well this is only my third week back to work and about a week ago one of the new guys that I work with added me on Facebook and we started talking and everything, which was fine because I did not know a lot of these people. But my biggest thing now is that he has a girlfriend yet he texts me ALL THE TIME...when he's at work, when he's not at work, basically almost all day every day. I guess I am not really sure what to think of that...any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I guess I just do not want to cross any boundaries. Thanks!


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  • He's bored.

    You see, it isn't the frequency he speaks, it's the subjects.

    • It really is mostly just about random stuff - ex: him telling me I should bring him food at work because I'm his favorite - I guess just mostly random stuff like that. I don't know - there really isn't any set topics that are talked about.

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    • Thanks. I did tell him I did not feel comfortable, nor did I feel right about the things he was saying to me. He was cool about it though and we still text and talk to each other, but he listened to me and he doesn't say the things that he used to say. So that's a good thing.

    • I am happy to hear your success.

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