I have not received a text from this guy I want to hear from

so Wednesday night I messaged a guy I dated in high school. I was shocked that we had a great conversation and wrote a lot to each other. (we have not spoken for about 4-5 yrs) he brought up even memories of me taking him to my school dances and stuff like that. also then we caught up on what we were doing now because we are out of college. eventually when the conversation ended he said real smoothly "since you are so social, we should go out" (I used to be shy and quiet in high school but I mentioned to him how I became more social in college) I responded enthusically yea totally! so I gave him my number and told him to text me. and he said yes will do.

its 4 days later and haven't gotten anything... I'm okay but how much longer should I be waiting ...we had such a great conversation catching up as old friends and like it felt that he wanted to do the same thing too cause of the way he responded and he was the one to say lets hang out.

advice please :)


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  • what can you do? Just wait? Do you have any way of contacting him? If so, then contact him just to say what's up.

    • ^No, she already put herself out there. She should look for other guys... and if this guy contacts her so be it, if not so be it.

    • saying "yes" to a date and giving a guy a number may not be enough "putting herself out there". I've ignored/forgotten girls I'm interested in even after asking them out. Sometimes a guy won't follow through, even if he is interested.

      God forbid a girl to take the initiative once in a while to get what she wants.

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