Is it time to start dating other interested gals?

I've been placed on the "I need space" thing for over 3 months now during a very serious relationship. For months I went to see her every weekend because I was invited. All of a sudden she wanted space, which I didn't understand because I wasn't the one who asked if I could drive 2 hours one way to see her. I've been invited to see her only once in over 3 months, yet she calls me twice a day. About a month ago, I had plans to go out with some friends, she became a bit jealous, and told me to be a good boy. She goes out all the time and had gone to another guy's place for dinner. Was I concerned? Yes. Did it bother her that I was? No. Is it time that I consider dating other women? I have 5 gals who want to go out. If I did, would that be considered cheating?


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  • I would talk to her about it and tell her how you feel. If you don't like her response then tell her you are going to date other women. She can't keep you hanging while she's out doing whatever she wants. It sounds like she cares about you as a person, but she's keeping you on the back burner just in case she doesn't find someone else. It sucks yes I know.


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  • If you like, I'll tell you what you already know. Long distance relationships don't work, especially when reduced to very limited encounters. The phone calls allow her to keep tabs on you without having to endure a strong emotional investment. If your woman doesn't want to see you for weeks on end, she shouldn't expect you to live like a monk. Some partners let a relationship die a slow death rather than face the drama of a break up. Regardless of your lady friend's intention, this is the inescapable outcome of prolonged neglect. Avoid the whole "cheating" guilt trip by informing your pen pal that you plan to save on tire wear, frustration and gas money, and will start dating locally. I'm sure a phone call will do the trick.

    • Very well put, I've written some of your comments down, and will use them. She's supposed to be back from a vacation in Mexico tonight, so I expect a call tonight or tomorrow. However, she won't be able to reach me because I'll be at my mom's place, and there's no cell service for me. So, there's no doubt that I'll get the business for not answering. I can't wait around for her call, mom just got out of the hospital after a 5 week stay because she suffered a skull fracture and brain damage.

    • Thanks brother, I appreciate the compliment. I hope that final "letter" with the pen pal went well.