What should I make of this?

So I met this guy in Decemeber and recently in March I decided to do message him on Facebook just saying heyy ! and we talked for a little bit and he invited me to "hit him up" whenever I got bored. and then a couple of weeks ago he told me that we should hang out one day .. Then on my birthday I decided to be bold and message him saying I was taking I'm up on his offer to hang out... we talked on Tuesday and he made a plan to chill on Monday and he never messaged me on Monday.. should I text him ? or no? what do you think I should make of this because I do like him but he did make a plan and not follow through!


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  • the fact that you initiate things is not a good sign,he should be chasing u,now that the tables are turned and he does not have to do any of the work,he can be dating others until you decide and at that point he knows he will score with u...I would simply ignore him,see how interested he is.

    • thats truueee ! He asked me brought it up a couple of times and I just decided to take him up on his offer to hang out! I haven't messaged him since last Tuesday and we were suppossed to hangout yesterday! I still haven't said anything to him and he hash messaged me!

      So basically I can see if he's interested if I ignore him?

      lol I'm so challenged at thiss

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    • that is true!

      idk why I always go for the ones who do this! its like a chain this is like the 5th guy who shows a bit of interest and then stops!

    • its better that way then for them to show you interest longer and after they get you in the sack they disappear,thats painful,so be glad it happens before you get to invested in them...no broken hearts YAY

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  • You should text him and confirm it.


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  • Did he know it was your birthday?

    I can't stand when people don't bother replying/expect you to make all the effort to make sure they are still coming.

    Early on in friendships/relationships people tend to be a lot more motivated and remember these kinds of things... You'll have to wonder what he might be like if he was dating you and comfortable enough to act how he does normally (uninterested/slow replies).

    Don't chase him. It was his mistake.

    • yeahh he knew ! he read my message saying lets hang out and then 45 minutes later he posted on my wall saying happy birthday ! but didn't reply to the message until 7 that night ! which was weird ! and yeah I wanted to just be like heyyy we were suppossed to hang out today! ughh its so annoyingggg

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    • You're welcome :). I hope you find someone where things flow better between you both and seem to work like they should.

      There's someone out there for you, you have to be patient and willing to work for it. The people that appear too easily and fast easily tend to go away in the same way.

      He will likely contact you again but you need to stop and think whether or not to go any further. Whether or not to reply, or to find some way of saying you aren't interested (he might try to convince you)

    • lol yeah that's truee! hopefully I won't have to wait tooo long !

      lol and yeah I don't want this to happen aggain so I guess I wouldn't even reply! it is about whether he can respect me or not!