Went to a formal in San Diego...not sure what to think

I went to this formal in san diego that was a thurs-sun thing. I got there and me and the guy I went with were just friends. I met one of the other guys and he was kinda cute but had a date that he was just friends with also. The night went on and we spent some time together and I was drunk and he asked for my number and we were just kind of flirting. The night went on and he was pretty drunk as well. He tried to make his date sleep in bed with my date so we could sleep together. The next day I wasn't around the hotel and he was constantly texting and calling me asking where we were. He even told me I had a beautiful body and then thanked his date for setting us up...I think he found out I thought he was cute but I Haven't heard from him since we left. I'm not sure what to do now? does he like me? should I text him? if so, what should I say?


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  • Well I think he was into a 'ram bam thank you maa'm' mode that night or at least till you guys were in physical proximity of each other.

    I'd say hang on and see if he tries to get in touch with you again than you messaqing / calling him.

    As far as I think he plainly finds you sexually attractive so there :)

  • He really did find you attractive though you should forget it now. He likes another girl as well.

    • huh? how would you know that

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