This guy confuses the hell out of!

This guy&I met at a concert over a year ago.. He's 3 years older than I am too. Ever since we first met I've liked him. It just feels right to me. He's always been one to mess with me though.. He goes to school 4 hours away but during the summer his real house is an hour. When he goes back and forth he always stops to see me when he can& spends the night.. We get dinner& have sex.. But it's always passionate. He could careless if we have sex or not. 3 months after meeting I knew he liked me and kept asking or ask different questions why he'd never ask me to date.. He's not one for dating he'd say, but I knew he really liked me. After a month I gave up and dated a guy named Will. The day Will asked me to date the concert guy left me a voice mail saying he wanted more of us and wanted to talk.. I already said yes to Will and regretted it. 2 weeks of dating Will he cheated on me and I met up with the concert guy at the beach were he told me to break up with him.. I felt bad and felt right at the time to stay with Will because I knew his feelings for me and didn't know the concert guys because he's misterious and confuses me. We'd still talk all summer, called each other every night or had deep conversations.. After breaking up with Will 2 months later.. All I wanted was the concert guy. I told him upheld never gave me a chance but he said when he told me to break up with Will when he cheated that was my chance.. He's bitter about that and also when I didn't let him kiss me when I was dating will when he came and saw me. Still talk every day& back in March he said he wanted to settle down.. No more randoms. At that time I freaked and started dating a guy named Jay. I compared Jay to the concert guy all the time nothing I wanted. No feelings I don't know what I was doing. It lasted for a month before I broke up with him.. And told the concert guy he is what I wanted. He's told me no matter what we will always have something, even if we never see each other or anything there has always been something there. He knows how I feel but being 3 years younger I feel as if I always annoy him because I told to him every day or every other days because he makes me smile..I try to back off but can't.. I don't want him to loose feelings. I'm clingy and needy he knows it too but still replies to me, I believe this guy is my soul mate, I've tried other guys but always compare them to him& end up running back to him. How do I make him chase me again like last year? Can I do it? Or is it dead.. And I'm stuck with just liking him..


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  • You can do it again. Just stop seeing more guys, and spend more time with the concert guy.

    You're just drifting away from him the more you see other guys.

    • We barley see each other because the distance.. Only have texting &sometimes on really rare occasions Skype. I don't know how to do it again without being annoying and bugging him, I guess you could say.

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