I met his family...how big of a deal should this be?

Okay, still dating the same dude for a few months now (nothing "exclusive," just casual dating - he still doesn't introduce me as his girlfriend, nor do I introduce him as my boyfriend, but we're dating, yadda yadda). So I'm over at his house for the weekend, and he tells me he has to go to a family church gathering, but that he'll come right back. I don't want to intrude on his family time, and it's obviously not appropriate to tag along when we're not official, so instead I just chill at his place.

He then tells me before he leaves that I might get to meet his family during lunch, after church, but that he's not sure. Turns out I do.

It was super casual, spur of the moment, and I was a little peeved 'cause I was totally CAUGHT OFF GUARD. Luckily, I'd packed some nice clothes, but otherwise I would have looked like a fool. Anyhow, I met his parents, siblings and a couple friends, and it wasn't painful, but I just thought this may have been too casual or impulsive a move to mean anything "special." Or, I could be totally wrong.

What do you guys think? Does this definitely sound too casual, or is this an indication he may want to go official in the future? Idk, I'm new at this sh*t, so any feedback would help.


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  • It's really a big deal since it means that he's being serious with you for the long term.


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  • It sounds like it might be moving in that direction, but only time will tell. How long have you two been seeing each other exactly?

    • Talking on and off since early winter last year, but didn't really start consistently seeing one another until mid March.

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