I can't kiss him and it's making me crazy

He's funny, smart, caring and when he touches me I feel blissfully happy but there's just one problem- I can't kiss him and I don't know why.

We feel each other up till either him or I am going to explode but when he draws his face up to mine as I sit on him my heart drops so that I'm scared and I have to tell him I can't do it...

He's the sort of guy who'll nod and say it's okay without making me feel awful. So I'm just throwing it out there because I want to continue with him. Only, I see this as a wall I'm not sure how to deal with? :(


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  • The wall you're talking about.. If you were to visualize a reflection of yourself, and the wall is telling you something.. What would it be telling you? And how do you want to respond to the wall?

    The above is a method that my therapist is teaching me. It's a way of intercepting your defense mechanisms and being aware of how you feel. I'm highly sensitive to my environment, which is great for me and for those around me. But sometimes being so sensitive can really onset a lot of fear. I'm constantly afraid of overstepping boundaries, or of doing things wrong, etc.. In your shoes, I'd probably have a defense mechanism saying "He's just going to hurt you"... to which I'd now reply "F*** it, I want to experience the joy he brings to my life in this moment. The future has yet to come and I'll deal with the pain THEN but not now. Thanks very much *Raises both fingers*"

    So, try it and see if it works for you. Good luck

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • What are you afraid of? Do you think he'll resist, and make you feel embarrassed? Come on. You can do it. When you feel like this is a good time to kiss (you're alone, he's close in front or on your side, the mood is right, etc), put one hand behind his head (this will signal him that you are gonna pull his head closer probably to kiss him), lean your head towards one side, simultaneously close your eyes, stick out your lips, and pull his head towards your face. And bam! Kiss.

  • Just kiss him when you're in private.


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  • Close your eyes earlier and just get it over with