Dating my boss, but HR finding out !!

So my boss and I been seeing each other for the past

3 months now, our plan was to keep it on the low as much

As possible, unfortunately we work with a very smart

Staff so I guess they catch on to it, and reported us to HR

HR came and question him first than it was my turn... Obviously

We both denyed it, I felt like I did a good Job lying, I honestly

Feel like the HR lady believed me... I walked out of the office on

A good note... But am still very nervous because I don't know what

Exactly was she thinking... Did she realize that I was lying

Or did she really believed me ?

Also would they let one of us go or transfer one of us even though

We both denyd it ?!

Hey guys... I didn't lose my job, he ended up quiting the next day.


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  • rofl.

    This is exactly why you don't date people from work. ITS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

    If you don't know what that means, then google it.

    rofl do you work in a bank? if you do, I feel terribly sorry for you, since that work environment is full of this crap(not the getting caught part, the part of dating people at work). Everyone that works for a bank thinks there all top high sh*t, and this is what happens at work. Let alone half of you that work there don't even have a UNI degree.

    Anyways, there where obviously hints that you guys where "flirting" or "speaking differently" to one another at work, that's clearly why people caught onto your dumbasses.

    If your gonna continue your relationship. I suggest learning to keep your professional attitudes on at all time, and leave your emotions at the door when you walk in, in the morning. Or one of you has to find a new job somewhere else.

    Ps. You should really research the conflict of interest.


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  • omg sh*t, I just remebered that you said your dating your boss?!

    This might not end good for the both of you, since its your boss, and he should know better.

    HR is probably onto his ass for sure, cause this is so not professional on his end.

    Sorry I just remebered that after I posted my last post.

  • If something happens I think your boss would be the one in trouble. You may but it's more likely on him than you. People snitch in the workplace all the time, especially in groups where you have a lot of coworkers. Honestly though, HR can be deceiving with this stuff. For all you know they could be trying to warm you up so you can slip up on your story.

  • She believed in you.


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  • There is no possible way to know is she believed you or not, but those people are typically good at reading body language and the physical signals that indicate whether someone is lying or not. The boss is usually the one to lose the job, sometimes both.

  • Never date your colleague. .let alone your boss.

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