Uh oh, the "pet name" phase... too soon?

I met a guy on POF, we talked for a month, then texted some and then our first phone call lasted 3 hours and neither wanted to have to hang up for bed.

We met the first time a few days later, Friday this past week. I'm going to meet up with him again tomorrow without friends, just one-on-one, and he just called me "cutems" over text when he said good night.

Now we both have expressed wanting friendship first, so I'm confused and caught off guard by this, and he is a bit socially awkward. What do you guys think, is he already falling, or does it sound more like he isn't sure how to act?

He's the artsy geeky type, but I find that attractive.


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  • You don't decide when to develop feelings. It happens when it happens.

    Also the idea that you two are moving too fast is pretty funny.

    • Are you saying that it's funny that I think we're moving too fast, or are you saying that we are moving too fast? I'm not ready to get serious with anyone yet, I want to meet more people and date around. I'm just getting out of a 2+ year marriage. I don't want to settle for the first man that comes along.

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    • Maybe for you (and for me). But some people use pet names with virtually everyone they know.

    • Going back through questions that were unresolved. I wanted to share something with you. Every word you've written here is right. I decided a few days after posting this? that I was NOT ready to date yet. I have since grown as a person, and now I can see what you were trying to say.

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  • He's just expressing his interest in you.


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