Could a guy be so upset that he leaves?

I dated this guy for about a month and things were great. However, we ended up parting ways and he basically disappeared.

A whole year later, he comes back into my life. He told me the reason he left was because a family member became ill and he was so devastated by it that he become emotionless and angry and didn't want me to have to be a part of that.

He wants to date again but I feel very hurt from before and I don't know if I'm ready. It also doesn't help that it would be long distance which he was opposed to before but is OK with now.

It is possible that he left because of that or are there other reasons? Should I go for it or not?


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  • so this family member was sick this whole time?> sounds like bullsh*t

    • He told me this person has been battling cancer :/ I do believe that part but I don't know if I believe that this is the reason for just leaving me so suddenly.

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    • Everyone keeps telling me this. I think I need to get it through my head already lol

    • u need to meet a real MAN not a