How do I compete if she has dating options?

if you check my other question you will see the situation I am in.

basically how do I contend if she has dating options at the moment?

has she lost interest in me? will she ever regain interest again?

after the 3rd date she returned to the dating site we met.

i sent her texts saying that I had a good time with her and she said she had a good time with me.

was she just being nice saying that to me?


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  • don't crowd her dude, you said you sent her (texts) plural if you give your self up too soon she will think your desperate give her some space and let her be the one texting you initially and wondering how you could be so fine with out her. I know its a game but three dates dude? people keep fronts up for six months to a year and some just love playing the game I have experienced this first hand! if she has dating options then you should act like you do to initially then if you two grow closer then open up and stop the games... you haven't got your foot in the door yet man... you first instinct is to crowd her and show that you like her a lot but this often push then away. if she doesn't come back with a little space then she is not that into you.


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