Bad texter, not interested too much, or what?

Well I met this girl about 6 months ago. We've only gone on three dates (personal issues for both of us made random breaks in seeing each other). The first date was great. We hugged at the end. But afterward she texted me saying how it wouldn't be fair to me to keep dating because she's not over an ex. So I wait a couple months. Try talking to her again and things are going well so I ask her out...she says yes but eventually some personal issues for her came up so she couldn't. We eventually find a time and go out.. it went great again. Once again ending with a hug. Then she really opened up to me. I tried setting up a third date and she couldn't because of major personal issues (things she really wouldn't tell many people at all so I don't feel comfortable saying them on here either...). She apologized a ton for it and the third date just got pushed back a couple weeks. On this date, it was perfect. At the end, instead of walking back to her place, we sat and talked. We hugged, but instead of letting go, we both held on which led to the first kiss :) and we still held on and hugged again. We made plans for next weekend and she apologized sorta for not being able to go out this weekend.

So I mean things seem pretty great, right? The kiss was more or less a peck... but it could have a lot of significance to her if I was the first since her ex and because of her personal issue things. But I text her the next day and she was really short in texts. One line or less with long response times. She normally doesn't contribute much to texting (in person is wayyyy different), but it seemed weird. Should I read much into her lack of texting? What do all of the signs say?


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  • some girls just don't like texting. my girlfriend is one of them. she only texts me on the phone :))