Is he into me? HONEST ANSWER! Say whatever you think is right, not what I want to hear?

He is my teacher. He gives me all the indications and signs of liking someone. We have flirted before. Around 2 months back, I was stuck in a problem and had to go to him. There, he gave me his number to contact him whenever there is a problem or whatever. I texted him and he started replying and the texts weren't formal at all. We have strong chemistry and physical attraction in college. He showed me his pictures etc. He doesn't teach me. Now, recently I texted him, "I miss you." He replied, "You only miss me, that's it?" After one week, I texted him, saying, "Will you be my friend?" and he replied, "We are friends already. What type of relationship do you want?"

What do you think he meant by his answers? Could he be interested in taking things further?Does he like me?

PS: NO SUGGESTIONS OR ABUSIVE COMMENTS like he is your teacher etc, he will go in jail for dating etc etc. I am well aware of all this and won't ever risk his career and our lives.I have already transferred my college due to other reasons. I just want to know if he was also interested in me like I was? Did he also have feelings as per responses of him?


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  • Well, we only know how you start texting and what he replies, but does he text or call you a lot himself (so without you starting the conversation)? Or asking to meet up outside school?

  • no, and really you should stop. if he was interested he would have stopped texting and would have done something.

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