Why have I not heard from him since hooking up

known this guy since last year he's actually my cousin's friend. We would hang out but with my cousin and we went on a date just us two once. well recently we went out to dinner and hooked up but I have not heard from him since. I texted him the day after and he responded but nothing since then. He has commented on some of my fb pics but have not texted or called me. I'm confused any guys can give me some insight? by the way we would text occasionally and I always said that I'm waiting for a relationship before I had sex with anyone. one time he jokingly said we can have be in one but you can't cheat. do you believe that he feels like I've contradicted myself? I don't know how to approach this.

btw we hooked up on Monday


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  • If by hooking up you mean you had sex, then sorry, it was just sex to him. Join the ranks of those who have been used and tossed to the side.

    If you don't mean sex, then maybe you are an awful kisser.

    • Yes sex...

    • You may be just a lay to him. You told him you were waiting for a serious relationship for sex, yet put out seemingly with very little effort from him. Your previous words of waiting lost all sincerity with him. I'm sorry this happened to you.