When to text girl after getting number

Was on a dating site and found this girl 8.5 and hit it off good online well I asked for her number as I don't get on that much, gave me number, how soon do I text her?


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  • Right away, and say hey it's ______________.

    she will respond, hopefully right away, and be like hey! if she asks you a question, continue the convo. If not, just send her like a :) and leave it like that for a day or two

  • Really, you should text her when you feel it's right.

    From a dating perspective? You NEVER contact her on the same day except a text straight after to "check" if it's her number then nothing else.

    You want to text her on day 2-3 of having her number. Leaving off a day shows you're not mad-keen but soon enough shows that you are interested. I don't know, it's some unspoken rule. Text her around lunchtime or evening too. :)

    Best of luck <3


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