Back into the dating scene is this a good thing?

Ok so I have a few online dating sites because my time is limited..

I met this guy off one site.. Whom I think is cool as can be.. Has a lot of potiantial for maybe something down the line..

well I got on another site that I'm on, and did this meet me thing.. Funny I saw the dude I met.. So I read his profile and said yes..

what I want to know is this:

why after I said yes to meet him. He views my profile and than calls to see me..

since being back to dating is this a good sign or what?


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  • It's been my observation that people on dating sites use them because they can't get someone any other way. Reasons? You can probably think of some.

    I've been on them; the women don't want a friend; they want a "partner." They seem somewhat desperate.

    I left the site(s).

    A friend of mine says the men have problems and seem somewhat desperate.

    Friend me if you want; I look for a friend, not a "partner."

    Good luck.



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  • quote: why after I said yes to meet him. He views my profile and than calls to see me..

    Because he wants to comfirm that you weren't lying on your profile, also that you're a real-person and not somekind of psycho feigning to be a woman just to steal cash from him. It's a good sign ,since you can Attract something at least, as for the quality of what you attracted you'll have to do what you always do in regular dating. INVEST TIME.


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  • no idea what you are asking about.

    i am your age and back on dating scene idea what you are talking about.