Ex boyfriend playing mind games?

So long story short, my ex of almost a year broke up with me while I was gone for the military (mind you I was only gone four months). He didn't really give me much of reason because he said he didn't want to talk about it while I wasn't there. Anyways, I went to his house about a week after I came home and asked him about it and he said that while I was gone he had just decided that we did not have that much in common. I could understand that except for the fact that he never once asked me if I would do any of the things that he was interested in doing - and he didn't really elaborate on it much. Anyways, I ran into him at work yesterday (we both work at the same place but never really saw each other much at work) and it was really awkward, we both just said hey. I then get a text message from him last night which said that he just wanted to say that it was nice seeing me even with the situation. I never texted back. But why would he even bother saying anything especially when he knows how I feel about him. What's his point when he told me that night at his house that he did not want to get back together. It feels as if he is playing mind games with me. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!


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  • He texted you because he still cares about you and I think that he still is interested in you. But I can't tell you why he called it off. People are stubborn about that, they want what they can't have or don't realize how good they really have it until its gone.

    If you really like him still than I would text him up. Its a good sign that he got ahold of you, showing you that he was at least thinking of you.

    • men overall are sneaky ... he could be messaging you to see if you still have feelings for him or something ... I say you don't respond and see what happens from there ... the best thing to do is ignore him especially if you want to get over him