Why aren't girls more open to meeting guys?

Why aren't girls more open to giving a guy a chance when you're approached? Say you're single and a guy walks up to you and starts talking to you and trying to get to know you. Why would you not give the guy a chance at a date. I suppose you could go on one date with him and you realize it's not going to work. Then again that guy could be your future husband. I talk to a girl and I really don't expect a whole lot to happen. If she gives me her number great. If not that's OK too. Why does it seem that girls treat dating or giving out a number as if it's a marriage proposal?


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  • Ever heard this line: "A woman won't date just anyone"? Yep. This means women have expectations, requirements, qualifications and everything else out of a man. He better have it all or most of it or he's going to be good friends with the adult entertainment industry.

    Also remember that this is the New Age of the Woman. Ever heard this other line: "I don't NEED a man in my life so I'm not going to have one"? Yep. Women are now obsessed with their careers more than ever and ANY...and I mean ANY relationships with men will destroy their lives. Feminism teaches women that men are dominating, selfish, egotistical, psychotic, mean, arrogant, cheating, useless, lazy, maniacal, disloyal, greedy, violent, sex crazed, sexually immoral, sexually indecent, sexually criminally insane...ok you get the idea. Therefore, there is no such thing as a good man and women simply won't get involved with one.

    Summary: It takes a tremendous amount of luck or materialism to get a woman's positive attention these days. And it's not going to get any better.

    Just how it is. Don't blame women entirely, we men did make an already volatile relation with women worse over the centuries


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  • It depends on the girl you approach, the way you approach and the location.

    I've had a guy approach me outside my hairdressers as I was about to go in. I was early anyway so spent about 15-20 minutes talking to him. He wasn't exactly my type but wasn't bad-looking and we could always become friends and he might have fitter friends to introduce me to. He was good at holding conversation, deemed nice, found out he was local enough and in the right age group and seemed to have some similar interests to me. So I gave him my number and name and we arranged to go out for coffee.

    The only other scenario I have been approached in is at a club or a chipshop afterward and that's an immediate no. The preconception of guys approaching you in a club is that they're after one thing from you, and when I'm out I'm out with my friends and am hypersensitive of guys around me and I think I give off a STAY-THE-F***-AWAY vibe.

    A lot of girls ARE open to giving a guy a chance if approached. It's flattering and the confidence to do it is attractive. The issue is the way in which you approach the girl. If you come across as cocky and arrogant or as socially awkward/creepy, you aren't going to get good results. It'd not a common occurrence either, so some girls don't know how to react in the situation and might feel awkward themselves so you need to make up for that.

    Have you seen Simple Pickup? They have the right sort of idea.

  • Im fussy, they have to be pretty special to impress me plus I don't like lads who are overly nice, they bore me and seem desperate


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  • Women are very open to guys, in my opinion and experience. It's all about how you approach them.

  • Girls judge a guy in the first 5 seconds. Here are 2 scenarios:

    1) Guy one is wearing a button up shirt, some diesel jeans, a Rolex. He has a jawline and obviously has money.

    2) Guy 2 is attractive but has a few extra pounds, dresses well, but drives a Chevy Chevette.

    Guy one always wins.

    • I'll break it down even further. The women want a lot out of men which are the following:









      If a man lack at least two of these requirements, god help him.

    • LOL @ "god help him". Bravo archer, spot on kid!