Guys & Girls... Keeper or not?

There's this guy I like and..

-he says he likes me

-wants a real relationship with me

-is real sweet

-we get along real well, and everything

-i'm guessing he tells almost everyone he knows about me, cause they all know about me, and I haven't even met them


-i can't figure out what he's thinking

-he hasn't actually asked me to be his girlfriend (its been over a month)

-he can go days without contacting me (he always has some reason when he finally does text/call, whether its busy at work or whatever, and he'd mention he missed me a lot, which seems like complete bs to me cause, if someone actually missed you, spending a minute or two to shoot a text telling you that ain't that hard)

-If I text him first, then MOST of the time he texts back.

Should I stick around for a bit longer or just kick him to the curb and move on?


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  • It's clear that he's interested in you, and is just shy.

    It's up to you if you want to find something serious fast.

    • He's definitely not the shy type.

      So that can't be it.

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