He didn't want be to go to his uni prom. Then why is he texting me when he's there?

He graduated and his "prom" away from town is tonight. It lasts 2 days. A few months ago, it was time to purchase the tickets for this event and he let me know he wouldn't pay for me to come along with him because it was too expensive (like 400$). So I knew months in advance that I wouldn't go. A few weeks ago, he kinda let me know that another reason why he didn't want me there was because I don't often enjoy parties, so he was afraid I'd poop his party.

Of course, it was a big disappointment for me but I moved on. What I don't understand though is why he's messaging me today to let me know he and his friends arrived safely? He doesn't own a cell phone, so he asked his friend to text me. Does he feel remorse for not inviting me now that he's there? Does he think he must give me news or I'll get pissed while he's there? I don't get it.


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  • He's just bragging.


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