How soon is too soon to text after hanging out?

We were hanging out this morning (he invited me over to his house, but we were just talking and having fun, nothing more). He mentioned that he wanted to go out, but none of his friends are in town.. When we were saying goodbye he said he would like us to hang out again... Now I need to know how soon is too soon to text him? I really want to text him tonight asking if he like wants to hang out or something.. But would I just came across as needy?


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  • I think you should just do whatever you feel like, if he feels the same then it's perfect for the both of you. I know if a girl I liked asked me to hang out the next day, I'd be over the moon as it shows she is interested in me and enjoys spending time together.

    Good Luck

    • Yeah, next day is good I guess, but what about the same day, just at night? or should I just wait for him? I really don't want to mess this up because I really like him

    • Don't worry about it so much hun, do whatever you feel comfortable with. Every guy is different, but in my opinion, I'd like you to text me either tonight so I can sleep thinking about you, or the day after at the maximum.

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