He said "Text me sometime?" Does that imply interest?

I've been chatting on Facebook with this guy I recently met. He's been initiating everything by first coming up to me and then adding me. We've been talking consistently on Facebook, messaging back and forth all day, for two weeks. He's very friendly but it might just be that he wants me to feel comfortable with him. He compliments me and asks a lot of questions about me so when the conversation dies down he'll keep it going so I respond. Last night he sent "text me sometime?" He gave me his number a few days ago but I never texted him, I didn't really think to. He also doesn't have my number. I'm wondering if that implies he is interested in me or that texting makes it easier to end/begin conversations?

Also, when should I respond and text him? I have been talking to him when I wake up and he responds right away. I feel like the more I seem mysterious and aloof, the harder he tries to get me interested which is unusual for me. If I don't want to seem too interested or easy, when should I text him?


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  • It sounds to me like he's interested. It has been days since he gave you his number so my opinion is that if you think you might be interested in him to go ahead and text him back. It's not so much the time that the conversation starts as much as the words contained within. If you don't want to seem easy be careful how fast you respond to an offers of a date and so forth. Just remember that if you ignore him or play too hard to get he might lose interest and move on to someone else thinking that you're only interested in conversation and friendship.


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  • He is CLEARLY interested and also losing interest fast at this point since you're not initiating anything. If you don't initiate he's just going to think that you're not interested and just being nice by continuing talking with him.

  • In short, yes, if a guy says to text him sometime, he is interested. Make your move before he loses interest!

    Just text a silly message such as "now it's your turn to text ME! :-P", if you don't know what to say.


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