Is she playing with my feelings?

So we were watching some movies (8 people in total) and there was this girl I'm really into. When we was about to sleep she took my pillow and I took it back then she layed beside me and I spooned her, she then took my hand and put in on her stomach and kept her hand there.

Now weeks later we text each other all the time, and she says that she really loves texting with me, and that I'm really sweet. But now I get this feeling that she ingore some of my texts, and don't wonna text me anymore.

Is it because I'm taking it too slowly with her? Or that we are taking the exams next week, and that she's just preparing? Or am I just being paranoid?

I really appreciate your suggestions and thanks in advance!

I'm only 16 by the way and haven't been with a girl before. I'm really bad at it actually.


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  • Think you might be paranoid because if that was me I wouldn't let no one go near me if I slept only if I really liked the boy! And also exams are a big stress she could be preparing for that as I sometimes do that! Or she reads its and forgots to reply but it sounds like she likes you because she allowed you to spoon her and she layed beside you in the first place! So she made the move first :) don't worry take it slow and everything will step in place!

    • Thank you so much! I really needed that. You just made my day much better. Thank you! :)

    • Your more then welcome :)

  • She might be preparing for the exams but if that were the case then she would have found the time to tell you that she is preparing. Sometimes girls feel a little annoyed when boys text them all they long but they don't want to tell them that so they just ignore the texts. I think you should give her a rest for a few days that way she will miss your conversations. If she ignores you then too maybe she isn't interested in you as much as you wouldve liked. If she does seem interested then maybe you should ask her out already..!

    Hope I was helpful :) and good luck!

    • Thank you for your honest answer! Even though it might hurt in the end, I still want her! :)

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