Is there a chance that my prom date is really interested in me?

My prom date is a friend from another school. We are mostly texting friends although we have seen each other in person on occasion. Those times that we were together it seemed like there was some chemistry but I always felt like I was getting mixed messages. We're going to the prom together soon and I keep thinking that maybe he's just being nice about wanting to go but he seems to be happy about it. Initially he said that we'd just go as friends dot dot dot in his text message which I thought meant he didn't want me to think we were boyfriend/girlfriend which of course I know we aren't. He's just so much fun to talk to. He kept saying that we should go tux shopping together but that didn't work out since both of us are busy. I told him that a black tie would be fine but he wanted to match so I gave him a couple of paint color samples that would work. I didn't show him a picture of my dress because I want that to be a surprise. Then when I had to go to his house to have him sign permission slips and he made a big point of showing me the tie that he had gotten and how it matches and talked about his vest color. He really seemed excited to show me so that made me start wondering if maybe there's a chance that our relationship could be more. I mean if he wasn't happy to go he'd really not care what I thought about matching right? I do like him as more than a friend but I don't want to get my hopes up and am OK just staying friends if that's what it ends up being. I'm just confused and would love some advice.


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  • He's really interested in you. By letting you choose what matching is right, it means he wants to impress you.


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