Girls do you on purpose not text back mid conversation just to get a guy to text you again, and pursue you?

Me and this girl have gotten to know each other really well this year (mostly on nights out with gorup of friends) and we text every other day for a good few hours. Only thing is I find that I'm always the one to initiate the conversation even though we both keep the conv going until late at night. She sometimes randomly stops texting me though for no reason. Is she trying to get me to chase her more or what's going on? I know I didn't say something wrong whenever she does this because whenever we meet afterward she's her usual self. I'm fairly sure she's into me because of the late night texting (albeit innocent-she's not that type). Just wondering is it a bit sad to keep initiating when she's the one who randomly stops replying?


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  • No we don't. We usually get too busy to respond and then just forget about the conversation. If we're really keen on the guy then forgetting the conversation would be impossible and we'd text them back as soon as possible. I think if she keeps cutting off the conversation then you shouldn't keep initiating it. If she doesn't ever text you first again, then she's not interested in you.

    • Thanks for the reply. Now if only I could stop myself from texting first :/

    • Just distract yourself with things you enjoy and time will go quicker and she may then reply quicker. :)

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