Should I text her back or just wait and see if she eventually texts back?

I decided to text a girl that I hadn't seen / talked to for a while.

We were sort of dating but then it sort of faded away due to busy college work that we both had.

I sent her a text at night asking how she was with a smiley face and then got a reply in the morning saying she was good and asking how I was with a smiley face.

I sent her a text back saying how I was and asking what she's been up to but never got a reply back (its been a few days now).

Should I send another text or leave it for now?

Thanks I think I will leave it until after exams are over next week and then send her a message again and see what happens.

If nothing then I will just move on.


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  • Personally I would leave it..if she was interested she would get back to you. If she's been busy then she would still find time to text you back eventually. Cut your losses with this one and find someone who has more time for you :)


What Guys Said 1

  • Text her again. It's just a day, and you're already over analyzing things.