Broken Up, She still has my stuff.

Ive posted 2 other questions about this relationship and pretty much realize its over for sure, for me atleast. She broke it off via text, not wanting to face me, maybe to spare me "emotional turmoil", or to not official end things? Idk, anyway its been a solid week, she has my set of hunger games books that I lent her. Whilst we were in our final text convo, I reminded her about them and she said that she'd drop them in my mailbox this week. She hasn't returned them yet. Now if I had broken it off with her and had her stuff, id try to get it back to her asap and cut all ties. So I'm kinda confused by this, she seemed really eager in texts to sort of suspend or terminate our conversations, but yet she keeps my possessions. Should I give her another week, or could she be using the books as some sort of way for us to re-initiate contact?She definitely is not the type of girl to steal,etc. I just want my freakin books back if she wants things over. I would love to know what others think. Sure id love if she still wasn't fersure about the breakup, but I either want her to return my sh*t and be done with me, or to let me know otherwise.

Our break up ended on good terms, well as good as a text message could be, id just like to hear peoples final opinions. I really don't want to initiate contact about the books, because I'm trying out NC.


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  • You should just forget about those books. Perhaps, she doesn't have money to mail them.

    • We live 10mins from each other. She defintley is financially capable of buying her own. And those books were expensive lol, not just gonna forget about them.

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