What's going on with my boyfriend?

For starters my boyfriend is a very busy person who does not have a cell phone. Everything was fine until the beginning of the week when my boyfriend and his cousin dropped me off..my family member said something nice about my boyfriend and being that he doesn't have a phone I asked his cousin to tell him what my family member said ( any other time he would relay the message to my boyfriend ) but this time no response so I called his cell before my boyfriend got dropped off to his destination ( he forwarded my call knowing I would wanna talk to my boyfriend ) so later that day I asked if he told my boyfriend what was said he said yes, so I asked what did my boyfriend say he didn't reply so I waited a while and said well can you tell my baby to call me still nothing . Until he woke me up early in the morning calling me sexy .. I was pissed the hell off , yet I didn't respond so I immediately texted my boyfriend over and over again that I was mad that he would disrespect us both knowing that I'm his woman and he's my man .. I hoped some way he would run into wifi so he could text me back still nothing after several text so I texted him a few days later from another number .. I'm guessing he ran into wifi so he responded who is this .. I immediately went off Because he never responded to my anger and being disrespect of his cousin .. I have been calling all around trying to find him ( I know he's busy tho Because he has drill) but still nothing I have even asked his cousin "where is he" as bad as I didn't want to but he wouldn't reply but he did reply to my cousin when she text from her number.. Smh what's going on?


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  • He's just busy and you're easy to blow up. Those are two conflicting reasons and will lead to break up if one doesn't compromise.


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