Maybe I can't read the signs or maybe I'm coco for coco puffs?

There is a guy that I have been talking to for a minute. He makes comments about my nice structure and is more than willing to hang out with me. Well, the last couple if times we texted I got 4 to 7 messages and he just stopped. Even told me after the first two times he lowkey missed me ';)'. I'm thinking about not even wasting anymore time texting him. I always start the conversation 90% of the time anyway. I don't know if the things I say confuse him or if he just doesn't want to be bothered.

I stopped texting him and moved on with my life. Today, I get a group message text. He sent a picture of his new tattoo to me and our mutual guy friend. I made a small comment which he then took from the group message and ask me personal what did I mean. I said nothing. It looks nice. In response I got a Thank you :)... I just didn't respond because all I keep thinking is 'What the...' I'm just confused now. You got any clue?


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  • I think it depends on what kind of things you are texting him?Also to even though he is giving you good compliments and comments he should be trying to text you on his own. If he is lowkey it still doesn't give him a valid reason not to text you that much if he misses you and gives you compliments. That part puzzles me. If you do decide to stop texting him, he may text you on is own if he misses your texts. He is sending a lot of mix messages.

    • Well, I just stopped texting him. Thank you for confirming that there is something weird going on. Imma see how this turns out.

    • Your very welcome. Keep me updated on what happens. I do think it is weird if he is not texting you on his own. You shouldn't have to do al lthe work.Lol. Even though he is complimenting you but he still should text you.

    • Thanks for picking my answer as the best answer. Yeah that is weird what he did.Im glad that you stopped texting him and moved on.But him sending you a pic of his tattoo shows that he misses the attention you gave him.He seems to have a big ego or he seems to cocky. He should be lucky that you even talked to him and complimented the pic.I think he misses texting you but he won't admit it.You showed him interest when you text him and I feel he should had showed interest back.

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  • It seems that your conversations are just boring to him.

    • I highly doubt that. I'm not freak messaging him or anything. I basicly carry these conversations by myself in which him Lol's or Lmao's at everything.

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