Why is my best friend acting like this?

I've been friends with this girl since the beginning of high school. Anyways nowadays she ignores my calls/texts and then a few weeks later she'll call and she was like how she was busy with grad school interviews and couldn't come over like we scheduled before...but she could have least messaged once and told me. And then she said her cellphone had issues, which seemed legitimate because her bbm wasn't working properly. Anyways she was suppose to come over again last week, but said she slept in and she called and we rescheduled. Then again I messaged her yesterday because she was suppose to come over and she said she would later in the day. Then that time comes, I message her and call and I'm waiting she doesn't come or call me! And then today I check if she's been online on whatsapp throughout the day I message her (text) once, she obviously saw the message and doesn't reply.

Its just frustrating me! We're suppose to book some things online together and she keeps cancelling. What should I do?


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  • You should just find another friend who will respect your time and attention.


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