Girls: What's your experience dating guys who used to be fat?

For some reason, I keep meeting guys who tell me they used to be fat as children. They are now in their 20s or 30s but I never get treated properly by these types of guys. They tend to be immature because they started dating later in life.

Girls, what are your experiences dating guy who were fat as children?


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  • I'm currently dating on of those guys. At the beginning of our relationship he used to always always always talk about his past and how ugly and fat he was etc. And it was like he didn't really know how to treat me like a girlfriend. So I talked to him and told him he needs to stop living in the past, he's handsome now and I know a lot of girls that want him and I'm lucky to have him. but if he can't treat me as more than a friend and stop living in his 'ugly' years, this isn't going to work out. and he listened(: So talk to them .