What detaches me from the dating zone ?

when it comes to guys, I'm usually the one who listens to them, who helps them with their problems with their girl-friends, I'm the one whom they teases and have fun with, but never the one they go to a date with!

I'm okay looking, not very pretty though, got a good body, and other girls usually say that I'm so sweet and girly.

why don't guys ask me out? and when I try making the first move it's usually drastic !


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  • I've been wondering the same thing too. Guys come to me for girl advice, what it is that girls look for in a guy, what can a guy do to get a girls attention, I help them out and a few weeks later they have a girlfriend. It's almost like I'm everyones friend and nobodys girlfriend. I'm looking forward to reading the answers to this question.


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  • The Dating Zone is a place for persons who are not interested in playing a support role. You seem to play a support role. You must stop playing a support role.

    • But they like it that I'm supportive, that I help them out of their problems

    • People like supportive people but supportive people don't lead. You want to be the leading lady, no?

  • It seems that you're just not showing enough interest in guys.

  • You're probably not giving off an air of sexuality. This is especially crucial though if you're a girl expecting guys to approach you.

    Think about how you dress, how you talk to guys, and of course your body language. Imagine how guys see you. If you act like a mother, sister or friend, or a mix of those things, towards a guy, he's obviously not going to see you in a sexual way. You need to be flirty. You can still be kind and caring (which is good to be) without coming across as non-sexual.

    For many guys, to be girlfriend material a girl needs to have a good personality and this air of sexuality. You have that first thing. You can learn/practise the second thing.


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