How long should it be between first and second dates?

So, how long should it be between the first and second dates? What about the length in between any dates?

I met a girl on a Sunday, and we made plans for our second date the following Friday. She had to cancel due to a friend's emergency, but we made plans to reschedule the next Monday (which is tomorrow). I haven't heard from her, to our second date still isn't set in stone.

How long is too long?


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  • a week sounds alright. I'm a believer that relationships that start fast tend to end fast.

    But in regards to her not responding to you? I don't think that has any relation to time gaps in between dates. Sounds like she's either busy or uninterested. =\

    • We've texted pretty much everyday since our first date. We've also spent a couple hours on the phone together. Still uninterested?

    • well, how long have you been waiting to hear back from her to confirm the Monday date?

  • A week is the average.

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