Men: Do you think it would be weird if a girl dedicated a song to you? If you guys weren't dating or anything?

Alright, so I don't talk to this guy at all anymore and I'm not planning to directly say his name in the video. I'm just gonna be really vague like this song is dedicated to the guy with "blue eyes", something like that. It will be a vague sentence but he will know its for him without the whole world knowing too. Is this creepy would you say considering I don't talk to him anymore? Or would you be flattered? The song is by Shakira- Gypsy

Well we never even dated! We used to flirt and tease each other but I haven't seen him in awhile now, so, I just want him to know that I'm thinking of him
Yeah, its called taking a chance and hoping that he happens to see it. Also, the dedication is vague but he will know its for him...
Alright well, this is not the point of the question! The question was if this would be considered creepy or flattering to do


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  • As a rule, I'd be flattered, but of course as with all things relating to human interaction, it depends upon the situation. If this is a guy that you just can't seem to let go of, I say don't post the video; it'll probably just make things worse. Focus your attention elsewhere.


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  • What makes you think he'll see it if you don't talk to him and haven't seen him in a while? If he even sees it, he probably won't know that you mean him.

    • @update: You're going to have to take bigger chances then that.

    • It likely would not be either. In my opinion, it would fly under the radar and would never be seen. It's something done in obsession I guess you could say for yourself, as personal therapy. To address your concerns, how would I react if some girl did that to me and I happened to notice it. hmmm... I'd probably roll my eyes and be like she's crazy... Now on the other hand if I actually liked her and she directly dedicated a song to me (as in she told me herself) I'd probably smile and be flatter

    • If she played it herself, I'd really enjoy it. If I didn't like her and she was stalking me, I'd be like man I hope she doesn't start showing up on my door steps.

  • I think it would be awesome!

  • It's not weird at since it's an ego boost.


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