Is it time to stop pursuing her? or..

Simple story...

Met this girl at school, exchanged numbers and a lot of flirting early on. We went on a date and I honestly thought it was a lot of fun, and when I said I had a good time, she said she did too. After the date, we started talking a little more, but I still try to play it cool and keep my space, messaging her every 2 - 3 days.

However, her interests in conversation seems to have dropped in the past week. She use to text back almost instantly, and asks questions back after mine. Now days she just seems to only answer texts, and ended some conversation by not responding.

I did ask her for a 2nd date (a week after the first one), she said, no, sorry without any explaination. So from here, I'm thinking, she either need some space, playing hard to get, or is no longer interested.. and I don't know what to do. Clearly I like her, and I felt a good connection, but if I have to move on, I will.. at this point I wish I have some kind of answer


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  • she isn't into you.

    • Thanks for the straight up honest answer, sometimes I just need reality check like this. I did left out some details that still makes me believe there is something. I guess I might make an last attempt.. but at least I know what to expect. Thank you again.

    • Making the attempt will make you look foolish. Not worth it.

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  • She's not just into you.

    You should stop wasting your effort into pursuing her.

  • Ouch. Just a flat out no? That's harsh. Yeah I'd just move and leave it alone. Maybe you can still be her friend but I'd fall back and find someone else

    • Thanks for the reality check too, in a way I'm not really interested in friendship. It would bother me to see her with someone else.

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