How should I contact this girl I'm interested in?

I reconnected with a girl from high school a few months ago through Facebook. I've been out of high school for 10 years. She used to have a crush on me back then (I know this because she told me during high school). I was in a different relationship, so her and I never happened. 10 years later, my long term relationship ended. I invited this girl from high school to get a drink through Facebook while I was out with some friends. She responded "yes", but by the time she responded, I was already back at home. She gave me her number and said we should catch up some time. This was 4 weeks ago and I have yet to contact her to reconnect. She also invited me over to her place last week, but I declined. (I'm frustrated with myself for this...).

I am mad at myself because I am very interested in catching up, but I just seem to reject any branches extended my way.

I am not comfortable meeting her for the first time in many years just one on 1. I feel like I have to wait for the right moment. I have only talked to her through FB since high school and never texted her even though she gave me her #. I want to text her just to say "hi" or something so she doesn't think I'm completely blowing her off. I really want her to know that I'm interested in her before she thinks "this guy must not be interested in catching up".

I also don't want to just randomly text her and have her think I'm weird or creepy or something...should I just text a simply "Hi", or continue to wait until an opportunity arises where I'm comfortable inviting her to?


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  • Call her not txt


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