Dating a man in the airforce and worried about a few things...

I just started dating a man in the Airforce and there are a few things that I'm worried about... He seems to be rushing into a relationship with me. I can't tell if he is just wanting a girlfriend for the time being or if he is being legit. Seemingly, Jonh (let's call him that) is a very sweet guy and really friendly. I he even let me help him choose a bed for his new apartment. Before he asked me out he asked if I was interested in a relationship that will lead to marriage and if I wanted children. What age... We hit it off but I'm still worried.

I don't want us to get tired if each other... I've had that happen, before. The main thing that bothers me is that someone said the same words to me like 3 months ago. I don't want to be that girl that compares her relationships, but it was so recent. I'm reserved now and a bit guarded... I told him to take it slow with me, but I still feel rushed.

What should I do?


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  • Is he being deployed soon? That MIGHT be part of the reason why he's acting this way, because he wants someone to be there when he gets home.

    The next question is if he is still pushing for marriage and family. Asking you if you want those things before you've even gone on the first date is a bit sudden. It might help if you asked him why he brought those things up so soon. If he has respected your desire to slow things down, then I'd say continue to see him and hint little by little that you do want what he wants. For example, if you're talking and joking around about something you see a young kid doing, say something like "When I get married and have kids, I would NOT let them do that."


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