A little confused after first date

So I went on a 'double date' last night. My friends girlfriend set me up with a girl she works with so the 4 of us went out together.

We went to town for a few drinks, it was first time I met the girl. We got on great, and my friends girlfriend told me she liked me and wanted my number. I was going to ask for hers but she asked me to swap numbers first lol.

She had to leave a little earlier then us which I knew about pre date. When she left we shared a kiss.

I felt the date couldn't of gone any better, she seemed really interested, always giggling and smiling, playing with her, seemed happy with my company

However today I text her asking how her night was etc, general chit chat, and she seems a little off. Almost as if she suddenly seems a little uninterested but is being polite about it.

Looking for a bit of advice, does she want me to chase her? Is she having second thoughts? Am I being too paranoid?


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  • Try talking to her again and if she acts like that again, you should just ignore her.


What Guys Said 1

  • You're just being paranoid. The date went well, and you should just ask for a second date again.