This act like she wants to be with me but refuses to text back so I'm dumping her and this is my last text..

I'm just not wanting to look bad but respectful towards her and her church friends since we go the the same church. I only texted her a a few times over a month and it's the same thing no text back but when I see her she liking on me. All I text was like Hi Celina... One time she said who is this?.. Then nothing... She has no reason not to text back.. Busy ect... Did I word this correctly? I want to let her know it's not funny to be likening on me or talking to me like that if she dosn't follow through.. So I'm putting a end to the aditude... Thanks

This is what I'm sending her..

I’m sorry everything didn’t work out between us as friends or whatever... I’m the type of guy who likes talking/texting my friends I meet or hang out with every now and then I'm sorry I upset you. When it comes to dating. I like a girl who at the very least can't wait be around me and finds a way to do just that. I won't accept anything less from the start. Even if she’s busy so it’s not often she’s around. Sharing the same outlook/vision on life and having the same core values is the other part. I tried. Life to short to wait for that give and take text back from you that never happened... My text was just a good-natured start... I should not have compared you to anyone from my past more than the present. We deserve better. You're right to not want to text me, and I accept that. I’ll save us both a lot of trouble in the long run. I'm done... I’m deleting your number after this text. I won’t bother you all if I ever around 9th street ministry… You’re a nice girl no hard feelings…



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  • It looks like you're breaking up with someone who wanted nothing to do with you in the first place. Oftentimes it's better to just say 'nothing' rather than some grandiose 'dear jane' letter that could be interpreted the wrong way and backfire on you.

    I wouldn't send that text, personally.

    • She goes back and forth. When I see her it's all personal with hugs from her and her and her friends while liking on me. At first she texted... A few things.. Then texting just stopped. The hugs and all the I want you havn't. Latly I've just been looking the other way avoiding her and talking to other girls.. I feel really bad when she looks at me like that. I don't know what to do...

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