Where do you go to meet someone to date?

If your an adult not in school - where would you go to meet someone to date?

Online dating? how successful is this for you

Friends and Family? Introduce you to someone

or the gym?


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  • That would be through online dating, social events, parks, libraries, coffee shops, tutorial classes like cooking, dancing, singing, language, and, church.


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  • I am in my late 20s, so I know what you are talking about. It's more difficult t meet people now than we did back in school and college years, but it's still possible. The best ways are:

    1) Joining fun classes - I took a language class a few years ago (when I was out of college and wanted to meet people and have fun), and let me tell you that I made great friends and had so much fun. Also, there were really nice guys there. So, I think it's a win-win. You get to make new friends, learn a new language and meet a nice guy. You can also join a dance class, yoga class, photography class, painting class, etc...whatever you think is fun. I think meeting people through hobbies is more fun and interesting. It means that you have smething in common with those guys you're going to meet. What's great too is that you can find people of all ages in such classes. So, it's all great. :)

    2) You can always try online dating if you are comfortable with the idea. I'm not into it.

    3) Have a big social circle. Your friends have friends too, so eventually you will get to see more and more people without making any effort. This is great because they will know the guy and whether he's a great one or a loser.

    4) Go to the library, hit the gym, go hiking, etc...

    The main idea to be SEEN by many people as possible. You are increasing your probability to get into a relationship like that. That's what I'm doing and it works. :)

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