I'm dating a girl and its going ok..please read.

we met online. within 2 weeks..went on 4 dates. we kissed on all dates but not the last one.

date 3 was me and her alone and after met a friend of hers.

Right before date 4, we did a quick stop at a store she can buy something for her home.

a day later she offers me game tickets cause she could not make it.

a day after that she invited me over her home to help her with something (I did not make it due to work)

a day after that I asked her out and she said yes impulsively before realizing she had plans already (ishe told me her plans days ago)

The con..she keeps popping up on the dating site we met.

on the dating site..i can see her..but it doesn't show me 'online'

yes its a little shady..but that's how I iknow

ok so basically..whats going on? friend-zoned? dating? goign somewhere?

thansk in advance!

She def wants to go out again. its that our plans keep getting bumped off or our bad work schedules. I'm sure ill see her again..just don't know what it its under. friends? building up to something

it has been only 2 weeks..i cannot bring up the topic of 'where are we going' so soon.
im nto looking for canditaes at all..i really only think of her and I know I dotn want to see anyone else.

yes I admit I'm there to spy on her.

like you said,it has been only 2 weeks...but I'm the guy who loses in the end.

i know she can do better.

i don't want to be friend-zoned either..

besides the way I 'spy'...it doesn't show I'm online..so in her eyes..i haven't signed on in a week,'


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  • You are just dating, its not exclusive yet until you have the talk.


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  • For starters,why are YOU still on the site if you don't want her to be?Are you just spying on her or are you still looking for other candidates as well?

    Also,you can not expect her to ONLY date you without having that discussion.That's the thing about meeting people online.You could go out with them 4 times,but they could still actively be dating someone else...or other people for that matter...and its right in your face.And you realize that by seeing their profile and how often they log on to the site.

    Because of how you two met,I would recommend taking things slowly instead of asking or assuming if she is only seeing you.And let's be realistic here.Even though you went out 4 times,you have still ONLY known her for 2 WEEKS.She is still a stranger practically.So get a 6 oz cup of water and take a chill pill. As you guys progress,THEN I would recommend having the conversation about deactivating he profile.But for now,I believe it is way to EARLY.

    Good luck.

    • @Update:

      I think you're jumping the gun,and I also don't think its sensible to expect her to drop everything asnd date solely YOU.If you're sayingf things like,"I know she can do better"...then you know what?Maybe she will find someone else.You're putting out negative energy as it is,so its probable she will find someone else.And the whole spying thing you're doing...no good.Its important to be realistic.And if you feel this negative while dating,maybe you shouldn't be dating until you gather

    • better self esteem than what you are displaying.I don't think anyone should enter a dating situation thinking the other person can do better.Because in the end,they WILL.If you don't like you,you can't expect anyone else to.

    • i agree with you on the 4 datesd and 2 weeks...it is too soon..i do no want that talk.

      i say she can do better because there are things going on in my life now.

      she nows about the worst..

      its not a confidence thing though. I'm just saying she could find someone who is more stable in life at the moment.

  • If your talking to her, just in your conversation.. Are you still up for the date and if she says yea, just say any place in particular you would like? If not think of somewhere romantic.. If she's the kind of girl that likes surprises then you should surprise her and take her some place nice.

  • Talk to her, send her a message asking her if she wants to go on another date or if she thinks there is something more.. Get to know her, it's always best for the guy to make the first move. But communication is key, if your wanting answers.

    • i know she wants to hang out.

      she has a busy schedule.

      i asked her out 2 days ago and said she could not go.

      i will ask tonight and that's it.

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  • You're still dating and she's still interested in you. Perhaps, she just want to talk to old friends.