Crush finally answers my text after one day...?

Ok so last night I sent my crush a funny and slightly cocky message saying "Hey I just made you look at you're phone for no reason ... looks like I got you on check ...:)"

She answers today, literally a minute ago with "HAHAHAHAHAHA <3 Yes, you're right."

I'm obviously not going to answer that message for a while, just because of the time she took and to make her feel how I felt during that wait.

The full stop scares me a little as if she doesn't want me to answer or speak to her.

But does this mean she is still into me?

What would be the next step?

UPDATE: Right so after she send me that message I followed you guys' opinions and asked her how she was going. She sent be a long message telling me of her week, that she had bronchitis and is now at a (girl) best friend of her's watching some films.

After her message, since she asked what I was up to too, I told her that I would leave her alone and that I didn't want to pester her since she's busy with a friend. But she says "you're not bothering me ... You know that ;)".
I answered "I do. But do you know that you don't bother me either?" And she goes "yes! I mean ... NOW yes ;)".

Me: "lol but what made you think that you'd bother me?"

Her : "For the same reasons as you I suppose ;)

So I guess she's still interested in me and it's just my little paranoid brain playing tricks on me.

What should I do from here?


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  • Why would a full stop be a sign to you that she doesn't want you to answer or text her? Maybe she didn't know what to reply to that...

    She put a little heart in her text, so yeah, I do think that's a sign of being into someone, unless she does that with every person she texts...

    The next step would be, texting her how she's doing, how her day was and if she fancies meeting up sometime for a drink.

    • Ok well I guess I'm over analyzing the punctuation if her texts.

      She does use hearts with a few of her girl friends but not really with guys.

      She has told me in the past that she "really likes me" and has actually had more balls than me and asked me to her prom in June.

      I can't exactly meet up with her now since I'm currently in Chile on a gap year trip which ends on the 4th of June. But I have told her that I would like to take her out for a drink when I see her the 22nd of June.

    • Then I think you're still safe ;)

    • We can't tell you every day what your next step should be. Keep on texting her, asking her how she's doing and just make some smalltalk, flirt a little.

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  • I think you're fine, take a deep breath I know that its hard but try and relax! first off, she included a heart...hahah if she were upset or getting bored with you she would never include a heart. I understand the whole I'm going to make them wait think however, if you make her wait she will probably make you wait longer and so on. Ask her another question she may not know what to say...or how you wanted her to respond to her.

    how long have you been talking.

    can you answer my question please!***

    • We've been talking over Facebook since her birthday in December last year. But I've known her perdonally for 2,5 years. I agree on the heart point, I don't think she would have put it there if she had lost interest. And she does know that I like her and that she likes me too.

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  • Oh god. Man up and ask her out. Stop beating around the bush.

    • There's nothing I can do with her when I'm thousands of miles away mate. I understand that I need to man up and grow some nuts and what not but it's not in my capabilities at this present moment in time.

      I see her in June when I go to her Prom and have told her that we should meet for a drink just before to catch up. We've both told each other in the past how we feel towards each other, etc ...

  • Looks like she's interested in you. You should really try to meet with her in person and hang out.

    • Like I said to many other people here I can't at the moment since I'm thousands of miles away. But she has invited me to Paris for her Prom in June and I'll be taking her out on the day we see each other and my birthday too.

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